Feed Me returns.  This Thursday, August 14th, marks the long awaited arrival of John Gooch, (alias Feed Me) to the city of Boston, where he and his “teeth” make a ninth tour appearance at the House of Blues on their Psychedelic Journey across North America.

Few other acts in the EDM world aspire to the dimensions of Feed Me’s live incarnation, which materializes onstage as a toothy grin, a massive lighboarded set of Gooch’s own design. His “Teeth” as they’ve been dubbed, draw concertgoers into a visual interstellar matrix during the show, which provides an apt dancefloor atmosphere for the futurist, buzzing electro tracks Gooch has produced alias Feed Me.

The exhibition quality of the Teeth set surpasses the simple geometric forms in lighting and laser display most producers settle for in live visuals; Gooch has gone a step further in his endeavor to bring the Feed Me character to life in the club beyond his crackling voice, and into a complete physical presence.

Needless to say, Feed Me enthusiasts were shocked and disappointed last year when Gooch swore to retire the Teeth for a indefinite period, citing as rationale personal concern with the state of the DJing craft in an era where push button/mix cd DJ’s garner undeserved popularity and dilute the art form, effectively leading many to write off electronic music and its live performances as commercial functions devoid of the individual artistic personality producers like Feed Me strive to bring to their listeners.

With his reinstatement on the scene with the Psychedelic Journey EP and accompanying tour, Feed Me and his Teeth ensure followers of a staunch desire to again actively combat mediocrity in the EDM world by setting the bar for listeners, producers, and DJs to the stars.

Doors at the House of Blues open at 7pm. Feed Me will be proceeded on stage by Delta Heavy and Tjani.