This morning, I got an email from Mad Decent about his new release. When I got to work and opened up SoundCloud, there it was in my stream. This afternoon, I got an email from Spotify letting me know it was just added to their library.  Later still, I opened Reddit, and of course he was there, too. In what may be the most appropriately titled release of the year, “Random White Dude Be Everywhere,” Diplo combines a batch of his most popular songs alongside a selection of remixes of those hits.

Diplo’s been on a tear for a few years now, teaming up with seemingly everybody and absolutely owning the festivals he plays either solo or as part of Major Lazer. He may not have invented Trap (who knows, maybe he he did?) but he’s definitely made it his own. He also touches on Bounce, Electro House and the goofy, higher-register circular trills that define Diplo’s influence are peppered throughout each song.

However, it would be a stretch to call this an “expansive” release of Diplo’s work, seeing as it’s only really six songs, twice over and covers the last two years.  Even so, it’s hard to imagine those two years without the anthemic “Express Yourself,” or his song with GTA, “Boy Oh Boy.”  It’s certainly difficult to find a show or set that doesn’t drop a Diplo track or two.

That’s also not a stretch when you consider he collaborated with 15 collaborators on the six original tracks, including Steve Aoki, Waka Flaka Flame and GTA. He’s really earned the album title.

“Random White Dude Be Everywhere” is out today and available, well, everywhere. For more details and deluxe options, including Diplo Tweet stickers, check the merch page on Mad Decent.