The Hudson Project is a brand new festival that could possibly be the sleeper pick for best festival this summer.  THP will take place on the legendary grounds where Woodstock ’69 went down so from a historic point of view it’s pretty epic already.  There are many factors that go into choosing the few festivals I am able to attend each summer and this may be the perfect fit for many of you.

I first heard about THP around the time I interviewed Marc and Aaron of The Disco Biscuits/Conspirator and confirmed the rumors that were circulating about Camp Bisco taking a year off.  I have been to Camp Bisco five times and found myself needing a new East Coast festival to attend.  When the initial line-up dropped for THP I was blown away; Bassnectar was someone I was desperately hoping to see except that he wasn’t doing any gigs near New York.  If there is one act that you should be willing go to a festival alone for it’s the madness that comes with BassnectarBassnectar fans are a strange, interesting bunch of people that are fun to mingle with over a few days of raging; they are mostly seasoned ravers who go HARD at every show.  Best hoola-hop action I’ve seen was at Bassnectar at Camp Bisco.

Enough about that legend.  Let’s talk money.  The Hudson Project seems like one of the best deals out there in terms of quality acts that you actually WANT to see.  The price is roughly $250 for the three-day pass where over 80 acts are performing.   Of course, there’s no way to see everyone, but if you are like me you will move from stage to stage depending on the crowd/performers.   There are some artists that I have one or two songs on my iPod, but I would honestly probably never see them live at one of their shows; seeing them at festival gives you a taste of what they are like live.  It is sort of like a free sample at the supermarket if you look at it the way I do:

*My formula for deciding whether this festival is a good deal is as follows:  If I am getting to see artists I REALLY WANT to see for $10 or less then it is a good deal.

$250/$10= 25 acts

Can I scrape up 25 acts I even like in this rookie festival’s line-up?  Find out below.

  1. Bassnectar
  2. STS9
  3. Moby
  4. Big Gigantic
  5. Excision
  6. Bonobo
  7. The New Deal
  8. Infected Mushroom
  9. Griz
  10. Lettuce
  11. Tipper
  12. Oliver
  13. Tokimonsta
  14. Thomas Jack
  15. Nightmares on Wax
  16. Emancipator
  17. Conspirator
  18. Keys N Krates
  19. Kendrick Lamar
  20. Action Bronson
  21. 12th Planet
  22. Kill Paris
  23. Savoy
  24. Capital Cities
  25. Kygo

That was easy.  So $10 for a show is probably the cheapest you’d see any of these talented artists for and it would likely be more than $20 to attend a show with openers you probably don’t care for.   Now add the “free samples” like Modest Mouse, Flaming Lips, Flying Lotus, Marco Benevenuto, Atmosphere, Bro Safari, Holy Ghost, Rebelution or one of the many other acts and realize the Hudson Project is one the best deals of Summer 2014.

>Here are some of my thoughts on camping and festivals.  As I am getting older, I really hate waiting for the artists I want to see at shows and festivals give me the freedom to go to another stage if I’m bored.  I’ll be honest, one year at Camp Bisco I barely left the campsite before nightfall because we had a grill, beers, and tunes going from the comfort of our chairs.  That’s a priceless aspect of a festival; the freedom to chill and do whatever you want.

Of course, camping is a different experience than sleeping in a hotel which you can do instead.  The Hudson Project’s website has hotels, resorts, and bed & breakfasts within a 30 min radius for those of you that can’t camp out.  They’ve got shuttles too from Boston, Burlington, Philly, and NYC including a camper shuttle that lets you bring your camping supplies on the bus.

**In summation…the variety of different genres, the number of artists I want to see, the location, the fact it is 18+, and most importantly the chance to be a part of an inaugural festival is why I think The Hudson Project is a great deal and THE festival to rage at this summer.  See you there.