The Do-Lab has continued to provide us with quality music and shows and don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Producers of Lightning in A Bottle and many other creative productions across California, The Do Lab hit Los Angeles on February 1st at the El Rey with the Headtron Takeover. Headtron brought with them artists Andreilien, Gladkill, Russ Liquid, Sugarpill, ChrisB., Goldrush, and jOBOT.

jOBOT, trailed by Goldrush, opened the show with their glitch/funk fired bass music paired with their classical training and talent that would set the tempo for the individuality and unique sounds that continued to amaze.

The following artist ChrisB. brought psychedelic glitch and hard-hitting beats while Sugarpill’s explosive yet melodic basslines took the heavy and beautiful to the floor. I was then very pleased to hear Russ Liquid’s novel approach to funk as well, combining  his set with his own live trumpet performance.

Wrapping up the show, the ever-sensual Gladkill and Andreilien (former human called “Heyoka”)  transported the audience, willing or not, into the mind of his powerful glitch and bass. For those of you who still don’t believe in life outside our own world, Andreilien claims to have been abducted, probed and infused with the deep vibes of the far away alien planet Marklar and now I believe him.

These outer-world vibes were brought to visuals as well by the not only heard but seen by Goldrush and other Headtron artist Jigglesworth’s design, Prophecy Production and live painting by Hans Walor, Hans Haveron and Angelina Christina.

Don’t worry if you miss The Takeover, we will be seeing a lot of these guys in the future. Gladkill and Sugar Pill are currently on their 2014 tour Foundations Recordings and Russ Liquid will be accompanying Exmag and Gramatik on their 2014 Age of Reason Tour. Stay Tuned.