Claude Vonstroke and his crew of Dirty Birds are set to release a new compilation mix worldwide on February 25th called the “Dirtybird BBQ.” After a decade of raging in the Golden Gate Park, the annual Dirtybird BBQ party was shutdown 3 years ago due to over popularity. Now the team is bringing back the vibes with a touring BBQ party to accompany the new album! A particularly banging track, “Okay” by Shiba San, is creating quite the hype. “Okay” was first mixed into Dirtybird’s Snowglobe Fixtape in December, and was dropped at the festival by both Justin Martin and Claude Vonstroke himself. The central elements of the track are the downward rolling and rising baselines following the simple yet suggestive audio byte, “What? Yeah. OKAY.” With the classic Dirtybird deep-house sound, this beat is soon-to-be melting dance floors worldwide. Below is the OKAY preview, as well as the Snowglobe Fixtape.