I’m not typically one to post trap, but this track struck me as one that deserves a little hype boost, although already generating noise of its own accord.

The track, “Sidewinder”, is a collaboration between CutTHROATKid and SOSA, brought to us by the good people at High Instensity Records, a label who has recently garnered my favor.  They have a special place in my graces, for they (along with the likes of Adapted Records) have really put Glitch Hop on the map this year with a stream of quality releases.

But that’s all for another post.  “Sidewinder”, in the meantime, is not your average clap-trap trap. CutTHROATKid and SOSA have here created a well balanced and organized mix, incorporating subtle flavor from more ethereal house, as well as quick, stuttered breaks from more glitchy genres and minimal dub womps (sounds, whatever).

As I said before,”Sidewinder” is a well balanced, with something for everyone, though technically, we’ll call it trap.   Props to High Intensity for carrying the record.