It’s the first day back after a tryptophan-filled Thanksgiving weekend, and for most, a bigger struggle than the normal Monday. If you’re not stressed from the load of work in front of you that has replaced your mashed potato-piled plate, then surely you are fretting over the gaping hole in your wallet from either an EDC Vegas ticket, a Bonnaroo ticket, unnecessary Black Friday shopping, or all of the above.

Regardless, everyone seems to be in need of a de-stressor today, and Kygo is here to save the (Mon)day, again.

Embedding his iconic tropical vibe once again, Kygo’s new remix of Ed Sheeran’s I See Fire has the same soothing, light-hearted musicality that caught our attention with his Sexual Healing remix last week.

After two songs, do you think Kygo is EDM’s new rising star? Or is it still too early to tell?