Volor Flex teams up with fellow Russian producer Encode (who some of you may recognise from his stomping drum & bass productions) to give us the Altiplano EP for Dark Clover. Fusing elements of dark ambient, garage and downtempo, the tone of the work feels reminiscent of Burial, but that’s not to say that the EP is simply copycatting him. The growling bass modulations of Unbone for instance wouldn’t be found on any of Burial’s compositions, and feel like they’ve come straight out of Encode’s playbook.

While I suspect the EP hasn’t been specifically written with dancefloors in mind, some of the tunes have enough rhythm to be at home in DJ sets, such as the insistent garage skip beats of Entropy. Elsewhere the duo explore their taste on old-skool, minimalistic Dubstep on Boring Apparatus and descend into entirely beatless territory for end track Sidewalk, with lush synth work and strangely treated vocals flickering in and out of a static-imbued mix.

Check out the beats below and watch out for the release on vinyl and digital from Monday October 14th.