deadmau5 editorial

deadmau5 has always struck me as a Kurt Cobain sort of guy. Huge talent with fame that sort of just happened and wasn’t always anticipated or dreamed of. He has certainly capitalized on his success and subsequently created an iconic brand around his mau5head. Further, Joel invests the majority of his money right back into his music. And however connected he is to his fans, the man is certainly a mystery.

To add to the mau5’s mystery, he’s deleted all of his tweets from his Twitter account and has also either deleted or made private all of his WIP tracks on his Soundcloud. He has, however, replaced the tracks with 7 new tracks all representing the 7 deadly sins. Check them out below:

How do you guys interpret Joel’s actions, and do you think it’s just a publicity stunt?

Update: A friend has linked me to this post from Joel’s Tumblr where he goes into detail about what exactly is going on. For “reasons of his own” he will no longer use his Twitter account @deadmau5 and will leave that exclusively to his management. From the post, it sounds like Joel got sucked too deeply into the “Twitterverse” and is planning on spending the freed up time in the studio making more music.