Cardiff-based producer Lung‘s debut LP for Med School landed a couple of weeks ago and yielded what I can only describe as mixed blessings. When he gets it right, the young talent really hits the mark, but too many of the songs over-indulge in formulaic vocals for the work to feel consistent or innovative.

This lazy fallback position (heard on Time Just Gets Away From Us and Stars, Hide Your Fires!, among others) hides a true talent for lush soundscapes which are spoiled rather than imbued by generic female crooning. Other tracks where the vocals are left aside explore really interesting territory, such as the half-time beats and futuristic synth action of Curiosity Cove; drumstep rhythms but without the angst that most of that scene builds on.

Ghosts With Skin drops the tempo to explore Dubstep-ish territory, with a superbly characterised beat that achieves a laid-back pace without the uninspired plod of nothing but a kick and a snare. Ambient pads float over subtle yet weighty bass notes to great effect. Elsewhere Heaven’s Mirror serves up a dark D&B stepper with a hint of liquid melancholy, and Too Cold To Start a Fire heads for more downtempo vibes.

How much you enjoy the album as a whole will probably depend on your appetite for cheesy vocal-work but this reviewer hopes the next effort will eschew the played out liquid tropes in favour of the more innovative work hiding in the corners of this album.