L Plus‘s latest EP for Technique Recordings is a little slice of the kind of drum & bass I seldom find much interest in. The pop-hook infused style with little nuance or subtlety, throwaway music aimed at dancefloors that will be forgotten within months if not weeks. But somehow the tunes on show here are so infectious that I couldn’t help but enjoy the EP.

The Price kicks things off with a cheeky rap sample, crisp drums and a synth/bassline hook combo that’s sure to get you bouncing. Generation follows it up with 8-bit tinged synths and the euphoria turned up to 11 with a cheesy female vocal snippet driving a main-room roller that sounds like D&B written by 2002-era Daft Punk.

Heart Breaking perhaps pushes the nonsense a bit far with the heavily auto-tuned vocals but maintains the same balance of pop-sensibilities, euphoric leads and warm bass, while Rock That B certainly heads too far into jump-up territory for my liking, giving in to the inevitable wobbly style that characterises so much of jump-up D&B.

Overall the EP definitely isn’t gonna win any prizes for being clever or innovative but if you want a slice of feel-good 170BPM tunage you could do worse. Check out the beats below and look out for the release at all good digital outlets.