Adam Deitch and Borahm Lee, known collectively as Break Science, are preparing to release a new full length album, “Seven Bridges,” on October 1st. In preparation for the release they have made the second single for the album, “Breath of Space (feat. Sonya Kitchell),” available on soundcloud, free to download.

This new track is killer. It is a perfect example of the unique and original sound of Break Science. The duo combines hip-hop beats with an electro sound in a merging of multiple styles and genres. The trip-hop, breakbeat vibe mixed with Sonya Kitchell’s vocals make this track a work of beauty. Check it out below.

Needless to say “Seven Bridges” is an eagerly awaited released. Derek Vincent Smith (also know as Pretty Lights) had this to say about the album. “Break Sciences’ production skills have evolved exponentially; Seven Bridges is crazy hard hitting and melodically beautiful. The record is a brilliant integration of the diverse genres and styles that have influenced their upward expanding musical architecture on their firmly rooted hip-hop foundation.”

Track Listing for “Seven Bridges”
1. Brain Reaction (feat. Redman and Lettuce)
2. Now You Want More (feat. Citizen Chance)
3. Breath of Space (feat. Sonya Kitchell)
4. Way I Feel (feat. Danielle Parente)
5. Chronovisor
6. Trapeze (feat. CX)
7. Look Into The Hourglass (feat. Jahdan Blakkamore)
8. 40 Days Interlude (feat. CX)
9. Take It To The Floor (feat. Dominic Lalli)
10. Nasty
11. Connected (feat. Citizen Chance)
12. Once In A While (feat. Sonya Kitchell)
13. Who Got It (feat. Redman)