Bringing it back to the good old 80s…. House duo WhiteNoize pays homage to Madonna with their “Give Me One More.” This funky track starts off with some loops of Madonna’s “Holiday” and stays vintage-y throughout.

However, the intensity of the track doesn’t stay constant. It starts off a bit softer, which had me a bit confused and disappointed at first. But keep listening, the “House” aspect of the track emerges near the middle.  Then again near the end it returns to the refrain of “Be so nice” from Madonna’s pop track.

The San Francisco duo, Chris Harnett and David Carvalho, are just starting to emerge. They’ve reached #1 on the Beatport House charts and #4 overall for their track “Insecure”, and they’ve also played at several festivals this summer. Keep an eye out for these two. I’m sure you’ll hear more about WhiteNoize this year.


What do you guys think of  “Be So Nice”?

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