Rave stalwarts Earth Leakage Trip (who the trainspotters among you may recognise from their releases on Moving Shadow wayyyyy back in ’91) are back with an EP for Nexgen Music. If you like your beats a little bit trippy and leftfield this is definitely for you. Ignore the awful opener Time For Disclosure (some seriously woeful vocal work here unfortunately) and head straight for the rest of the tracks. Space People blends acid, IDM and creepy, shuffling beats to create a track that sounds roughly like nothing else you’ve heard this year.

Reptile continues the trend with stalking, sci-fi imbued vibes and squelchy, pulsing bass notes giving the tune a really organic, faintly disturbing vibe. Out into Hyperdimension where the duo chuck any semblance of traditional dance structure out of the window in favour of a psychedelic freak-out of epic proportions. Words will never do this music justice; listen to the clips below and make up your own mind.