Massapeals is like drinking a fine imported beer, it’s way better then the domestic shit you’re used to, for reasons you might not even be able to put your finger on, but dammit if they’re not doing it better. Hailing from the UK, this group/guy/person/thing (I can’t find a lick of info on them) manages to combine grime with trap better than many of the up-and-coming US trap artists I’ve heard lately. Dare I say it approaches Baauer or Flosstradamus levels in terms of production quality. It’s not perfect, Guap Shift veers off into mainstream hip-hop and ends up as a misogynistic mess, but all the other tracks and this EP — especially Twerkin’ and I Do — are solid, and show off a great range, from party anthems to melancholy love ballads. This one dropped earlier this week on Hot Damn Records so check out the previews and the free track below, pick your copy of the BAWS EP up from iTunes, and most importantly make sure you keep you’re eyes on these guys.