In 1940, before music videos were even a thing, Walt Disney developed a ground breaking concept that changed the way we look at music. It’s with this spirit that Disney Interactive reached out to Harmonix, the developers of Rock Band and Dance Central, to create their new Xbox Kinect game Fantasia: Music Evolved.

Featuring tracks from artists like Avicii, Bruno Mars, and Cazzette, this new interactive game puts players in the role of the sorcerer Yen Sid’s apprentice and gives you the task of bringing the music to life. Chris Nichols, the executive producer at Disney Interactive explains that the game puts “the power and magic of music in the player’s hands … so rather than sit quietly in a dark theater and admire the creativity of others, now we allow you to step into Mickey’s shoes and learn to wield the power of music.”

Players are given the ability to express the music in a variety of ways, using their body to visually interpret and control the music to an extent we have never seen before. Creative Director Matt Boch “… we wanted to give a lot of freedom to people, so it’s not this ‘copy what you see on screen’ thing, which is what we did with Dance Central. Here, you’re moving rhythmically, and we wanted to give players the sense of freedom of expression.”

Though I was never Rock Band or Dance Central, I am still very interested to see what this game has to offer. The trailer makes it look really cool, but the existing details are very limited. For more information check out the game site and this interview with game creator Daniel Sussman, and follow the games facebook page after you watch the trailer.