It seems like this might be the summer of flashbacks in the EDM world. First there was the much-anticipated release of Random Access Memories by Daft Punk in late May, and now Boys Noize is bringing us even further back in time to the 70s with his new disco track Starwin.

A single from the DJ’s GO HARD EP, which is expected to drop June 24, Starwin is a fun, lighthearted track that is perfect for summer. It forgoes the heaviness of popular genres like trap and dubstep and instead breathes fresh air into EDM. There’s no need for an insane build-up or heavy drop in Starwin; the track relies on tight instrumentals and an intricate combination of sounds to perk up your ears. And if this is any indication of where EDM is headed as we go full force into summer 2013, then definitely count me in.