Case & Point

Finally my favorite new duo, Case & Point, has released their newest single “Alive” featuring Laura Woolf. And even though I have heard their previous stuff and was impressed by it, I’m completely blown away by this track. This house banger clearly shows the potential that these two producers have. The track includes haunting vocals and melodic, as well as dirty, synths. It’s definitely one of those tracks you would hear at the main stage of a music festival. Sounds a bit like a Knife Party track, mixed with some Kaskade…I  guess I wasn’t too far off with my comparisons:

“‘Alive’ is probably more influenced by a number of artists and sounds instead of a single one…Kaskade, Dada Life, Zedd, Knife Party, Tommy Trash…” — Casey (the “Case” of Case & Point)

I’ve written a post  about Case & Point before, but in the few months since I posted it, the two have released much more music. Not only was their single “Upgrade”  dropped by Porter Robinson in his closing set at EDC NY, the track was also supported by Dyro and Bass Jackers. Another track, “Razor” was supported by Lazy Rich as well.

Actually Lazy Rich supported the track so much that Case & Point’s Upgrade EP was released on Lazy Rich’s label Big Fish Recordings. So I guess I am not the only one who really likes the music too. For “Alive” however, the track is self released on C&P Recordings.

I am really excited for Case & Point. There is no doubt in my mind that they’ll become really big. They have the skill, the passion and the drive.

Listen to “Alive” and Download it for Free:

See?! Isn’t it good?! Here, taste more. This is a brand-new mix Case & Point did for Caveman Sound. It’s killer: