The discovery of Floex‘s 2001 record Pocustone on the back of it’s impending reissue has been an absolute delight. Blending jazz, downtempo electronica and generally soulful vibes to great effect, this is one of the most beautiful and sonically articulate electronic records I’ve heard in a while. Favourable comparisons can easily be made with the likes of Four Tet or Bonobo, but valid though such comparisons might be they don’t quite get to the heart of it.

Floex’s music has an effortlessness to it; it is simultaneously imersive and relaxing without ever drifting too far into passive or ambient territory. It also avoids the sort of jazz noodling which can make records of this ilk tedious… even on the jazzier numbers such as Pinky Pong the melodies are reigned in before they become self indulgent, and the beats ground the tune well. Elsewhere on the record distinctly darker vibes are explored on the brooding Labccr, and ethereal beat-less atmosphere is conjured for Still Life With Rag and Bolts. Still more variety is found in the almost 8-bit, Wisp-esque melodies of Com and the soft female vocals and subtle harp flourishes of Below.

Ultimately if you like your electronic music big and bassy this record probably isn’t for you, but if you appreciate a touch of jazz, natural instrumentation and an emphasis on composition over raw production technique then this will prove a rewarding listen. Check out the album via Bandcamp below and look out for the re release dropping in June.