A crazy adventure into what minimalism can do for you; Electrocado will melt your mind in a million different ways. It took me a little bit to get into these guys, loving some of their songs, and being completely mind fucked by the rest of their collection. But as I listened to their discography, from start to finish, repeatedly, each song grew on me. They started off in a much more minimalist place, incorporating boundless sub-genres into their own style of glitch-hop. As they progressed, they added more textural elements, giving more dimension and flow to the tracks, while never loosing sight of their constant need to push the envelope of innovation.

Their latest effort, “The Shepard Tone,” leaves me needing more every time I listen to it (and I usually end up listening to it 2 or 3 times through.) From the sheer intensity of Seizure Salad ft. Crazy Daylight, to the chilling vibes of Floptapuss (and its amazing reworking of Green Sleeves,) to the epic nature of Salami Wrapped Kransky (which begs to be in the score of some futuristic thriller,) they continue to interpret every realm of EDM through their own beautifully fractilized viewpoint.