I must confess, I’ve never been much of a fan of Danny Byrd‘s output. Most of it falls into the category of “this might be big, but it’s certainly not clever”, and while jump-up heads will doubtless dismiss me as a D&B snob, I just need something a bit more interesting from my beats. Thankfully though, the man has been in the game long enough that every now and then he pulls a wee surprise out of the bag.

4th Dimension does little to excite me, from the shameless use of the classic Beastie Boys sample to the formulaic dancefloor beats and bass. So far, so much blah blah. Bad Boy on the flip though…what a rinser! Drawing on the old skool flavours of DJ Zinc, Hype et al, this is classic jungle riddims updated for 2013 with style. I challenge anyone to successfully resist the infectious breaks on display here.

And for those who like their riddims a bit lower tempo Dubstep beatsmith Flux Pavilion has stepped in to deliver a pretty tasty remix that chucks Trap, Juke and Soca elements into the blender along with a tasty new melody that’s sure to get your toe tapping.

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