Glasgow blog/netlabel/DJ collective Phuturelabs are gearing up to drop their ninth release, which comes from Edinburgh-based ComputerScheisse. Previously acting as one third of FOUND, Tommy Pearson’s first solo works will arrive in late July.

The EP is a great little musical journey, wandering through a veritable smorgasbord of influences without feeling the need to be pigeon-holed to a single genre. Title track These Beautiful Minds explores housey territory with a smattering of vocoder and some epic synth stabs, with an ever so slightly acid line noodling away in the background. Elsewhere Hot’s Hot provides a super 80s slice of funk infused disco which will definitely prove to be the love/hate track of the record.

Off towards the back of the EP Wet came up trumps as my favourite track, combining a rousing old school TV-theme-esque vibe with faintly Balkan sounding chords and an almost 8-bit lead. Weird, wonderful and irresistibly cheery. Finally Tuesday Sunshine drops the tempo and heads for almost dubby, IDM-ish territory with odd, floaty pads and warm low end.

Overall ComputerScheisse delivers a genuinely innovative EP without much whiff of pretension; truly a rare feat in today’s “EDM”-imbued world. Look out for the release via the Phuturelabs blog and check out an interview with the man himself here.