With the massive wave of trap remixes that have been springing up recently, it’s easy to overlook some of the really good ones out there. Luckily, glAdiator’s remix of Boyz by M.I.A. was not one of those tracks that slipped past us. Featured on a mixtape from rap legend Jay-Z’s Life + Times blog, the remix takes the jangling, alternative dance track and transforms it into a glitchy trap song fit for a grimy urban basement party.

At times, the DJ duo’s remix of Boyz is quite reminiscent of the trap mega-hit Bird Machine by DJ Snake and Alesia, thanks to a subtle whistle throughout the track. The best part about this remix, however, is how glAdiatior successfully infused Boyz with their own style, while still keeping integral parts of the original song present. Unlike so many remixes out there, the guys behind glAdiatior understood just how much of the song they could manipulate, while still keeping M.I.A.’s signature style intact. The result: a sickeningly catchy track that gives new life to an alternative classic.