Trap stars RL Grime and Salva have teamed up on yet another sick remix that definitely lives up to the hype they got for their first remix of Kanye West’s Mercy last summer. This time, the two DJs looked for inspiration far from their preferred style of music and chose to remix What a Shame by Jamie Lidell. The original track pairs the British singer’s echoing voice with experimental instrumentals, but RL Grime and Salva took it in a completely different direction. Their remix draws on Lidell’s haunting lyrics and heightens their eeriness by putting a menacing trap beat underneath.

The song takes some getting used to, as the subtle buildup abruptly gives way to a sharp bouncing sound typical in trap music. However, the more I listen to the track, the harder I find it is to move onto something else. There’s a certain mesmerizing quality to Lidell’s song that RL Grime and Salva definitely picked up on and went out of their way to enhance. Whether you love this remix of What A Shame or could stand to do without it, there’s no denying that it’s an interesting track unlike anything else out there right now.