Flosstradamus seems to be continuously dropping new shit on the fans of trap. They has been progressively working with Dj Sliink for a while now, and each time they collaborate, their style seems to grow toward and epic end. This is the Nomads EP.

Crowd control, or rather ctrl, is a new banger that brings together the infamous speech from The Warrior’s character Cyrus. If you know anything about this cult classic, you know just how epic this speech was, and for Flossy & Sliink to throw together a song around it truly is the epitome of awesome. With strong trap backing, epic sampling, and something I cant really put my finger on, this song goes HARD.

Test Me, the only other song on the EP isn’t only available as the original, but has also been brought to the door step of UZ, an absolute monarch when i comes the rising trap empire. The original has near perfect elements of any trap song I’ve ever heard, and the UZ remix… you really have to experience for yourself.