Six tracks, six completely different styles, 100% MUST DIE!
MUST DIE!’s Caffeine EP, released on Datsik’s Firepower Records today, is chock full of delicious tuna. Starting on a melo note with it’s opening track “The Arena”, the EP quickly progresses into MUST DIE!’s signature style of melodic, yet facemelting dubstep with the title track “Caffeine” as well as a Zomboy-esque “Skull Kid” and equally powerful “Wide World”; picking up speed we have a dark drum and bass tune “Symmetry” featuring some seriously massive synthesis. The last track “Nightwatch” belongs in a movie soundtrack; the emotions it invokes brought tears to my eyes, a truly wonderful experience.

The Arena

A bouncy, yet wonderfully melodic anthem, “The Arena” brings images of people running through luscious forests, with colorful birds chirping all around. The amount of effort that went into creating the soundscapes in this one seem almost unfathomable, but then again, MUST DIE! never ceases to amaze me with his musical skills.


Glitched up vocals, layered saws, and a fullness best served hot, this is a title track not worth missing! In his own signature style MUSTDIE infects your body with a dose of caffeine, sending massive amounts of endorphins coursing throughout your body. Resisting the urge to dance will be hard with this playing!

Skull Kid

Starting off with a wall of sound stretching farther than I could ever dream of, this Zomboy-esque track shows off MUST DIE!’s ability to mesh melodic chord progressions with bass music. Definitely something to groove to.

Wide World

Something to fist pump to (since every portrayal of EDM shows people flailing their arms around)! MUST DIE!’s intros always amaze me; the chord progressions he chooses alongside the modular progressions laid on top create beautiful soundscapes that lead you straight into the drop. Every piece of this track, from the minute to the gargantuan make “Wide World” one of the coolest tunes on this EP.


Violins and bass? YOU BET YOUR SWEET ASS! Featuring hot fiyah spat by the Jaws of Terravita, this track makes the EP in my opinion. The choir in the background, the dark basses, all with the sweet vocals from The Jaws of Terravita send chills down my spine. Definitely going to be using this in my sets.


Not too sure how an orchestral piece made its way onto beatport (is it a first?), but this beautiful soundscape definitely deserves to be included in the score of a movie; perhaps as dwarves and elves race through a city (Skyrim anyone?).

All in all, one of the coolest EP’s produced by MUST DIE!
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