I’ve been a fan of The Hood Internet for a while now… I think I discovered them back in 2008 actually. They are a duo from Chicago that regularly make mashups of basically any familiar song, be it pop, rap, what-have-you, with edm tracks. Every track of theirs is free, which is awesome, but I learned that you gotta pick and choose which tracks you want to download. Some of them just don’t jibe with me. Even though the’ve received some attention over the years, I wonder why they haven’t become hugely popular yet… perhaps its because they cover so many genres, perhaps because mashups aren’t as “white hot” as they were before.

I came across a noteworthy remix of theirs– dubbed Suit and Commercial, it mashes up the track Daft Punk featured in their 15 second commercial with Justin Timberlake‘s new pop single Suit and Tie. For some reason it just works perfectly. It’s really smooth and has a groovy disco feel to it (because of the Daft Punk track). The Hood Internet knows how to add the already crazily hyped up reemergence of Daft Punk.

Try it out for yourself!