When it comes to quality headphones, the audiophiles over at SOL Republic are not messing around. Last year we teamed up with them to give away a pair of their revolutionary Tracks HD series, and this year they’re ready to show off how they stepped up their game with the brand new Master Tracks.

Pushing the leading edge of both style and sound, SOL Republic delivers everything you could ever want out of a pair of next generation headphones. I am blown away by everything about them. Combining the comfort and noise canceling qualities of over-ear headphones with their brand new X3 Sound Engine, the Master Tracks provide an immersive music experience that may change the way you listen to music all together.

On top of making the Master Tracks look and sound beautiful, SOL Republic went the extra mile to make sure the mechanics are ahead of the game as well. The articulating, SonicSoft speaker cushions, optimize comfort and the FlexTech headband is more than “virtually” indestructible. You’d really have to try to break that thing. The headphone cables give you the ability to control your music as well as your phone calls on nearly any smart phone, and the built in microphone works flawlessly. If all these features aren’t enough for you, you can swap out every component to customize your headphones to your personal style.

I’ve had my pair of Master Tracks for a few weeks now and have used them for everything I can think of. Whether I was mixing in a club environment, playing video games, or just relaxing with my personal playlists, the Master Tracks never failed to impress. In my opinion, they are easily worth the $200 price tag, but our friends over at SOL Republic want to give you a pair for free. Follow the instructions below to enter the drawing to win yourself a free pair of these amazing Master Tracks.

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