I am really excited about these two. Case & Point, a native Boston group have been producing some really good stuff lately. They recently released a 45 minute mix of their favorite remixes. I couldn’t get enough! Each track on the mix is skillfully set to a deep house backdrop, a feat that is quite tedious and honestly could turn out horribly if you don’t have the right skills. But these two achieved an appropriate amount of drops and buildups, with deep kicks. And the buildups and drops really hit hard!

They delicately remixed current pop songs with popular house tracks and blended it so smoothly that you can’t even tell when a transition happens to another track… until its too late.  Some of the tracks included are Dada Life’s “Arrive Beautiful, Leave Ugly,”

I recently spoke with Casey  (the “Case” from Case & Point) and he said they were trying to go for a more “deep house, big room” sound… I think that goal was definitely reached.

The best things in life are free… and THIS IS EVEN BETTER: