At this point, it’s safe to say that pretty much everyone knows about Baauer. Ever since his hit song Harlem Shake went viral at the beginning of the year, it has been nearly impossible to avoid his distinct trap sound. For lots of DJs, this sudden success might make it tempting to churn out a bunch of similar songs in the hopes that they will all be hits. But luckily for us, Baauer does not appear to be falling victim to this.

In his newest song, a remix of AlunaGeorge’s Attracting Flies, Baauer makes a drastic departure from the heavy trap sounds we’ve come to expect from him. Instead, his remix is much more reminiscent of earlier English dubstep like Magnetic Man combined with the newer associative music coming from artists like Hot Sugar. The remix is not void of all trap qualities; it still features a distinctive snare and heavy bassline along with heavy drops. With that said, the overall sound is a welcome surprise thanks to a higher pitch and steadier bpm than most trap songs. Harlem Shake might have skyrocketed Baauer to fame, but this remix of Attracting Flies proves that he deserves all of the fame he has received.