hour of power3

So, here I am…roughly an hour after the duo from Charlotte, Styles&Complete, released their 3rd installment of the Hour of Power series, being dubbed the “Spring Break Edition”.  I’ll admit, I’m not exactly sober at this point, but I figured the only way to listen to this mix, was to do so in the spirit of it’s intent, which I will explain.

In this mix, you won’t hear elegant transitions between songs, or really any of the mixing talent that the two incredible DJs possess.  What you will find, is a test to how much you can “turn up”, as well as a ton of great remixes, bootlegs, and originals.  The rules are simple.  There’s 60 songs in 60 minutes, and every time the song changes, you take a shot.  Admittedly, I didn’t take a full shot on every transition, and I would highly recommend following suit if you wanna make it to the end and survive.  I used mixed drinks and took a good chug at each new track.  I suppose using beer would work too, but please, for your health’s sake, don’t take an actual shot each time.

As I said earlier, there’s not a whole lot to be said musically about this mix…the transitions are quick and aren’t always pretty, but that’s not the point.  The theme here is getting “ratchet”…and if you follow the rules (even the modified ones), that is exactly what’s going to happen.  If your not a drinker, this mix will still suit my fellow musically A.D.D. friends; with a new tune dropping every minute.  Also to note, there’s a few new S&C tracks to be heard in here; a bootleg, a few edits, and the original, “Jungle Spaceships”, which they mentioned in our exclusive interview.

Check it out, play by the rules, download it (for free!) for future use, and look for these guys in your city this year.  My only prayers are that you play within your limits, and that I wake up tomorrow having written this before the full effects set in.