Despite what many people believe to be accurate on television and various media sources, there is always going to be misconstrued and false, often warped recreations of the actual truth. In Schoolboy‘s latest visual installment, he brings us an outcry of awareness for the sake of our already brainwashed induced society. Project No-Autotune is that “real voice that ain’t muthafuckin’ auto-tune.” Always in need of occasional reality checks, here, Schoolboy welcomes us into the lifestyle of a typical rebellious youth that clearly have their minds set. We as citizens have a voice that is capable of protest and clearly this video is meant to leave an impression. Taking inspiration from the idea behind the abuse of government power (Big Brother) and how we as a society are told to consume every piece of media available. Of course, media consumption isn’t the number one priority, although its nice to see Schoolboy take notice of what’s really going on. Lots more to come from this Los Angeles local, as we prepare for his upcoming ep scheduled for an early 2013 release.

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