With more and more of The M Machine catching attention from their remixes and handmade live visuals, it’s hard to find reasons not to like them. They are a deep favorite of mine because they show that EDM isn’t just bass and repeating melodies, but musical masterpieces that take you places.

They did just that with their first EP Metropolis Part 1, which took inspiration from a 1927 German expressionist silent movie, and played out the same way with cinematic and orchestral like production that’s still amazingly beautiful and satisfying. Now Part 2 has dropped with OWSLA and it picked up where it left off with its clean, crisp production. It’s moving chords in Luma for example have you imagining it to be a score for opening credits in a movie. The piano’s strong piece in the beginning instantly just sets the mood for a cinematic adventure and soon the synths come to play just letting you loose yourself in the music.

What’s amazing to me is how alot of the songs have a double face – for example in Luma, it’s melodious in the beginning and it finds some grime in the middle and it transitions perfectly playing with more dramatic harmonies. Schadenfreude is similar, where it’s eerie intro with it’s ominous buzzing has this build for a grimy smooth track but as soon as the vocals hit, it completely changes and becomes a chill, feel-good tune but then clashes together creating an instant piece of beautiful bass music. Every song is like that – each has their own tone and mood, and each has their own personality and little bit that makes for an amazing euphoric album.

Tiny Anthem is a perfect example where it has an indie vibe with a bit of an 80’s feel. Imagine an 80’s movie montage where the couple hangs out together and it’s them doing random errands. The combination of his voice with the retro synths creates a very blissful tone.

Served up next is The Palace, and the synths and the female’s voice are absolutely on point, then the piano and her down break that falls into that synth solo just the tension and build it has, makes you feel like the end of a movie, Just hard hitting, breath taking action that brings the album beautifully to a close. Just so much production value and details, like the thunder that barely peaks in Luma, shows the quality and creative genius The M Machine has and its delivered everytime. Download it now over on iTunes for those weekend drives or chill house parties, it’s a decision you wont regret.