I’ve always been worried that AraabMuzik‘s “formula” was going to feel disposable and cheap someday.  Some of his older material already does, and yet, I have been playing Electronic Dream since its 2011 release.  I cannot say the same for certain “highly acclaimed” music released in the last two years.

Every release AraabMuzik has put out shows promise and substance where you just simply don’t expect it.  It’s fascinating how subtle he’s changed up his style here.  The basic premise is that most of these songs are drenched in reverb, but hit just as hard as anything he’s ever made.  His sample-choice is expanding and his passion remains.

It’s with this release that I’m confident AraabMuzik will avoid stagnation.  His albums have never been “perfect”, but the way some of his songs hit you (and how long they take to ‘click’) is reminiscent of avant-garde jazz and experimental rock.  I know most will disregard his style, but on For Professional Use Only, AraabMuzik transcends the formulaic tightrope balanced upon during Instrumental University.  When you drop songs like “Runaway Bass”, “Beauty”, “G Riding”, “Heaven” or “The Prince Is Coming”, there’s room for duds.

Another thing which is interesting about this release is, from a production stand-point, how much higher end the quality is.  The bass doesn’t explode; it glides.  There’s all the punch of his previous releases, but now he’s drifting to a more cinematic headspace.   Additionally, with twenty songs which moreorless keep a consistent pace, this is an album made for driving — or any journey you could possibly undertake.  It’ll keep you motivated and, now and then, the range of his production will genuinely surprise you.

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