Doctor P plays his set at Wonderland Ballroom. Photo Credit: Shannon Marie

Doctor P plays his set at Wonderland Ballroom. Photo Credit: Shannon Marie

Doctor P is touring the US once again, stopping around some cities before making his final destination in Miami, at Ultra Music Festival. Accompanied by DJ Carnage, the doctor made a pitstop in Boston at the Wonderland Ballroom. As always, he was humble, down to earth, and a bit cheeky. ElectroJams’ writer, Shannon Marie,  sat down with him before his set.

EJ:I know that it was a while ago, but to follow up on our interview from August, Have you had anymore interesting experiences with Wal-Mart?

Doctor P: Walmart! I’ve only been in there once, in my life. Just once.  It was at like two in the morning.

EJ:So that was the only time?

Doctor P: Yeah. I want to go back though. I’ve seen some of the shirts they do there. (Laughs)I’m like, “I might go and have a look around”.

EJ: Being from Los Angeles and living in Boston now, I notice tons of differences between the two coasts. Do you prefer the west coast or the east coast… or do you have a preference?

Doctor P: Well the east coast really reminds me of home. It has all the cobbled streets and the colonial buildings. But I mean, obviously I like L.A. and San Francisco. I don’t know, its all good, really, the whole of the states is good.

EJ: Do you have a favorite city to play in?

Doctor P: I’ve actually only played in L.A. one time, but obviously it was good… Baltimore is really good. (Laughs) I don’t know, it’s all good!  I can’t say it enough, I mean everywhere in the states… Denver, Denver is always  good. Every show that I have done in Denver has been quite memorable. I would say Denver is my favorite city, if I had to pick one.

EJ: I know that this is tour just started a few days ago, but how is this tour going so far?

Doctor P: It was fun hanging out with Tommy, sKisM, the first day. We never get to do shows. I met him years ago, but it was really rare that we get to do shows together so that was the first one I did with him over here. But yeah, (laughs) this is only the third show, not a whole bunch has happened yet.

EJ:Could you tell me more about “The Shady Bunch?”

Doctor P: We just wanted to do an E.P. That we didn’t put on iTunes. The whole music industry is like, controlled by iTunes. Because we think in the future, everyone is just going to buy music straight through the artists without going through something like iTunes. We wanted to put out an E.P. that you could LITERALLY only buy from us.

EJ: That’s a smart idea.

Doctor P: But we also thought, “Let’s make it really weird.” So all the tracks on there are a bit weird.

EJ: What do you mean by “weird”?

Doctor P: Just slightly different from the stuff people might expect from us. It’s not all dubstep basically. I mean before that E.P., its been mostly dubstep.  There’s only a couple of dubstep tracks on there.

EJ: Have you signed anyone new to Circus Records?

Doctor P:  Yeah, we just signed a guy called Mizuki. He’s from Scotland. And we just sorted him out with a new computer and speakers and stuff. So, he’s just working on his first release at the moment.

EJ: On your Facebook page, you asked your fans to name a new track of yours– they decided on Shishkabob… when will you drop Shiskabob?

Doctor P: (Laughs) I’ve made it, it exists… (Laughs) I’ve been playing it; you’ll probably hear it tonight. It’s not out yet though. It will be out whenever my next…release comes out basically.

EJ: Do you have a date for that?

Doctor P: No…It’s supposed to be out in March or April, who knows, it’s the music industry. You can never tell.

EJ: Do you have any new collaborations with anyone?

Doctor P: I’ve done something with Method Man. That’s going to be on the next release as well. I’ve been playing that as well. You’ll probably hear that later. Other than that, no one really. I’ve just done another track with Ava Simmons, who I did a track with before. But that’s not even dubstep, I don’t even know what that is…(laughs) It’s just weird electronic music.

EJ: What is your opinion on the producers who are performing on primetime cable shows like David Letterman and stuff like that.  Did you hear about that?

Doctor P: No, who did that?

EJ: Oh, Zedd performed “Clarity” on The Late Show with Foxes and Alvin Risk.

Doctor P: Oh that’s cool.

EJ: And also, MTV is actually going to try to start a reality t.v show, almost like, “Who’s the next best DJ” or something like that.

Doctor P: I heard that Simon Cowell is doing to do a show about DJs. Like a talent show for DJs.

EJ: What do you think about that?

Doctor P: Well it’s just what’s popular isn’t it? That’s all what its. If something’s popular, these companies jump on it. That’s the way it’s always been. It doesn’t matter what it is, if it is popular, they will jump on it. It doesn’t bother me. I mean Zedd’s cool, he makes good music. It’s not like he’s some terrible producer that people like for no reason. His music is really good. He deserves it.

EJ: Do you think 2013 will be a tipping point for edm?

Doctor P: I think it is just going to keep moving in unexpected directions.  I would have never predicted trap. I would have never predicted moombathon. I would never have predicted dubstep in the first place. No one knows. It could be going anywhere in the next year.


So there you have it. Doctor P doesn’t really mind the edm explosion into “mainstream” media, and he’s got some sick new releases coming soon… the date however, is still yet to be decided.

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