A young teacher from Colorado, Carly McKinney, has been suspended after she reportedly posted a picture of herself smoking weed at a Diplo event and performing an act that in the online-world is commonly referred to as “Expressing Yourself.” In November of 2012, Colorado voters legalized the recreational use of marijuana by adults and since then, business owners and retailers have been left to figure out how to handle this new situation.

Here’s my advice – Yes, we all know marijuana is legal in Washington and Colorado now. Yes, we all know you closet-stoners are all very excited. However, I highly recommend that you refrain from publishing photos to the internet of you indulging in the forbidden fruit. People need to think about the repercussions of posting such photos online. Also didn’t this teacher ever hear of the Iowan police officer, Abigail Keller, who was forced to resign after someone found a picture of her mooning the camera on her MySpace? And what about that teacher that was barred from receiving her teaching degree after details of some inappropriate content on her MySpace page was publicized?