Antiserum & Mayhem‘s new double feature has a nice little catchy tune. No, on the real though, these two are Fucking Kings Of Trap. Their styles coincide in such a way that I can only describe it as, well… poetry.

Bear with me for a second. I’m no poetry lover by any means of the phrase, and I don’t even really like poetry. But if you take the word to its core meaning(a quality of beauty and intensity…), it is uncanny how well it describes this duo. Mike Shumer, or Antiserum, has a style legitimized by his Trap and Dub remixes, while his equally talented counterpart, Anthony Rotella, has been the poster-child for the evolving trap music scene.

Anyway, the two of these icons have come out with not only one, but two trap bangers. The first, “Bangladesh”, which hit Soundcloud about two and a half weeks ago, got my attention from the get go. The sample they chose shaped this song around a middle eastern influence, and it hits decently hard. However, the second track, “Trippy” begins with the starting beat for the mainstream hit “I’m On One”, spins off into a building beat up to a sick drop with a quick little sample of “trippy” thrown in there for good measure.

All around, a great two track release set to debut, in their own words, “Coming Soon”. Watch out for it and support an artist for once, even though I know we all love free music. Check it out below:

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