Rumors of a new Daft Punk album have been circulating since Human After All, fueled by sheer hype and not much else.  Some considered the band ‘finished’, but many of us held out hope, in the meantime trying to understand “Human After All” (and succeeding).  With the announcement of Tron: Legacy, the hope of a proper 4th LP was rekindled.  This hope was taken to tangible levels when it was revealed in late 2011 that the duo were working with music legend Nile Rodgers since 2010 – the brain behind massive singles like “We Are Family”, “Notorious” and “Like A Virgin”.

Rumors began circulating that the album would be released in June 2012 after an interview with another presently-Daft-collaborator, Paul Williams.  After the musical side of the internet lost their shit, Daft Punk stepped forward to confirm that no, no it wasn’t coming in June, or in 2012, or at all, for that matter.  We then collectively anticipated the end of the world, because there clearly was no point in going on anymore.

There was some more hype – the father of electronic music revealed he had recorded a monologue of his lifefor Daft Punk’s new album.  It was hard to really get behind this, however, because the fact was there hadn’t been a new solo album since 2005.  Despite this, Gonzales stepped forward, confirming his involvement with the project.  It would seem that the album, should it exist, was going to be feature-packed; epic in scope.

After the apocalypse, things were looking drab.  Sure, there was a lot of hype, but any music fan knows that until there’s cover-art, the music isn’t real (and even then, it’s no guarantee).  Nathan East, of jazz-collectiveFourplay, stepped forward and said he had collaborated on the new LP.  Rodgers hyped the album some more, claiming that there was going to be new Daft Punk music heard very soon.  The world kept turning.  There was still no new Daft Punk.

Then, then, Daft Punk signed to Columbia and all that pre-hype transformed into pre-release information.  No End is coming.  I feel like a madman on the street corner saying that, because it feels inevitable that the album will get pushed back – for no other reason that it’s just too awesome for the present musical zeitgeist.  Until then, here is a list of ‘confirmed’ collaborators (the mix is very eclectic – it should get you excited):

  • Panda Bear
  • Nile Rodgers
  • Paul Williams
  • Giorgio Moroder
  • Chilly Gonzales
  • Nathan East

Here is the cover art (again):


And here is the most under-rated song in Daft Punk’s discography: