Silly Dillon, what goes on in your head?

Dillon Francis is going on tour again. This time, however, names can be deceiving. Ironically named “Wurld Turr“, Francis will be touring North America and Canada (and that’s it) starting in March. With brand new remixes that he just dropped, such as his remix of “So Young So High” by Dada Life, Francis starts his tour out on March 7th in Boulder, and finishes it on April 11th in San Francisco. While in Chicago, he will be accompanied by Flosstradamus, and in other places he will be accompanied by Oliver.

The 24 year old Los Angeles native has blown up this past year. He recently announced that he will be playing at Coachella, Ultra Music Festival and The Governor’s Ball in New York.

I love his moombathon, but I also love his sense of humor. He really does not care at all about what others think of him and just has fun. For example, take his promotion video for Wurld Turr:

How hilarious is this? “Buy tickets now… from your mom.”

I know I will be for the Boston show!