As the holiday break is here, we all know that we might have those wild nights and possibly (for you ragers our there) wild days. But what happens when you just need a break?  You look for some music to listen to on your computer to calm you down, but all you have is up beat electronic music.

Oh no! What to do? Succumb to the alternative genre?

Sometimes we forget about the epic genre of trance music.

Don’t you worry child… (See what I did there?) Just listen to Neelix–Dark Matter (unreleased version). This is the perfect chill-down music. It’s perfect for when you are leaving a holiday party with your extended family and you get into your car or that brief moment when you get in bed right before you pass out but need to check your Facebook first (we have all done that, come on).

“Dark Matter” is almost like any typical trance track…its got the classic deep bass and the everlasting transitions that sneak up without you even really noticing. But it also combines the more mainstream synth “hiccups” that seem to appear more and more these days in tracks of any genre (especially dubstep and trap). And then there are these chilling, warped vocals midway through the track.

I’m telling you, even if you don’t enjoy trance that much, just give this track a chance. It will mesmerize you, just how any  trance track should.

Listen to “Dark Matter (unreleased version)” By Neelix: