If you’re an LA local and have never had a chance to make it to Exchange LA, you’ve got some serious soul searching to do. Yeah, alright, I get it – there’s roughly 10,000 venues with cool shit going on at any given point during the week, but step your game up. LA’s former stock exchange has better lights and sound than most of the converted wannabe club’s downtown has to offer, and is definitely worth the $50 a drink you’ll be paying once you walk in (which may or may not be cheap in a city that burns cash like a convection oven).

Anyway, needless to say 12th planet‘s apocalyptic performance could only have been emphasized by the talent he surrounded himself with – and there was quite a bit. With bangers from his brand new album, mixed with “Oh My God He’s Actually Playing That” classics, your boy made what could have been a rainy night in LA one of the hottest shows I’ve caught at Exchange in a minute. So if you want to see what you missed, scope the video below and don’t forget to show some love for your main man 12th by supporting his new album The End  by picking up a copy and picking that shit up YESTERDAY.

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