Willem van Hanegem and Wardt van der  Harst (what a mouthful!) of the dutch duo W&W have never failed to impress me ever since the release of Moscow. Their mainroom sound has continued into their recent production, “Lift Off.”

Right when the intro starts, their unique sound takes over and already sounds “huge.” The heavily reverbed synth lines call and respond to each other, in an almost anthem-like trance vibe. You just know the song is going to BANG. The dramatic build leads into the sickest breakdown I have heard from them; full of ambient sounds and white noise, before a soothing melody begins to introduce itself in the background. Once the filters open, the melodic goodness is given its own time to shine over the kick/claps, before intensely building back into the original humongous synth line (which has been stuck in my head all day).

Another synth-happy mainroom production by the artists to watch, W&W.