On a constant mission to step up the international DJ game, Pioneer just announced their new mixer designed to pair up with the recently released CDJ-2000nexus to make the ultimate Mechwarrior control console/ DJ destruction unit. The mixer is seriously ridiculous. The bells and whistles on this thing will probably only be utilized by the most advanced and dare I say wealthy DJs. I had reservations about posting this announcement because I know that myself, along with the majority of readers will probably never get to play with one of these bad boys to its full extent. And I know that if I get lucky enough to play out on one of these things before they become the club industry standard, I’ll be too afraid to play with any of the advanced features, as tasty as they seem. Not to say that it cant be learned live and on the spot. I mean, that’s how I learned to use all the other Pioneer DJ equipment in the past, mostly because I’ve never been able to afford any of their pro gear. But that’s not why you’re reading this article, lets get into the details.

The new PRO DJ LINK allows you to connect up to four CDJs and two computers so multiple DJs can easily play at the same time without interfering with each other. Connected devices are able to share data from SD cards or USB drives, and Multiple DJs can monitor each others track’s and track status information is displayed on the mixer as well as all attached computers. Everyone also gets a master/sync button, if you care about that kind of thing.

Pioneer enhanced the 5.8 inch LCD multi-touch panel display from the previous DJM model so you can see and hear the result of effects, while still operating the mixer. To me it looks like Pioneer is making a practical move to eventually replace the midi controllers that many DJs carry with them these days, but for now they started with 4 kinds of performance modes:

  • BEAT SLICE REMIX – Creating new track slices.
  • SIDECHAIN REMIX – With its seven kinds of dynamic effects.
  • FREQUENCY MIX – Enabling a more precise music mix.
  • FOUR TYPES OF MIDI MODES that allow the DJ to use a computer-all making every DJing scene and DJ playing style possible.

All of the FX work with the internal sampler and can manipulated with the stunning FX processor inside the new Nexus.

The DJM-2000nexus comes with a built in midi audio interface, so if you have this bad boy in your studio, you can hook it up to your production machine and not worry about purchasing an additional professional soundcard. The audio interface includes a state-of-the-art peak limiter for all those DJs who don’t know how to stay out of the red, minimizing digital clipping and protecting your ears as well as the speakers.

Pioneer also stepped up the hardware quality for this mixer. The faders are supposed to be from the future and will last through a nuclear holocaust, while no expense was spared on the input/output jacks. Also, have you ever seen LAN connections on the back of a mixer before?

Anyway, From the insane new hardware features, to the software interact-ability, I’m blown away by the Pioneer DJM-2000nexus mixer and would definitely get one if I could afford the >$2,500 price tag that comes along with it. I’m jealous of anyone who has one of these, including and especially MonstA, who was lucky enough to do the introduction video for this new beast of a mixer live, from inside the Pioneer labs. Check it out: