by: Kellie Balfe

The vibe going into Sound Stage venue in Baltimore city Maryland was amazing right from the beginning. The Disco Biscuits have a certain aura that surrounds them no matter where they play, and the sense of community within the fan base is incredible. There is always an extremely eclectic, happy group of people, and you never leave a show without feeling like you’ve made a ton of new friends.

This show in particular was a new Bisco experience for me. They opened with Triumph which led into World is Spinning, having seen them a handful of times this was new and different for them to start with, It set the tone of the night just right. They then went on to play Caterpillar and that got the croud going, everyone was grooving, dancing with each other, and having a great time. The Biscuits can turn complete strangers to the best of friends just through the flow of the music. The crowd was wild. The first set ended with a mind blowing Kamaole Sands, and the set break gave the crowd the rest they needed from dancing their asses off.

Sound Stage itself is an amazing venue filled with Baltimore history. Being pretty small and quaint this venue attracts average college students, and promotes many social events on different days of the week. The employees are pretty nice people who don’t mind lending you a hand if you need. The size is perfect for a show like the one the Biscuits put on.

The boys were on their game tonight opening up the second set with Mindless Dribble going into The Great Abyss. Everything just flowed effortlessly. The boys looked like they were loving the crowd just as much as we love them. The band was tight and on point all night allowing us to dance to every chord we knew was coming. They ended with Rainbow Song which could not have been better.

The Disco Biscuits never fail to impress, and the experience is unbelievable, the great vibes, friendly people, and powerful effortless connection to the music one feels at a Biscuits show is completely original, and they brought it to a new level tonight.