Picture Credit: Warren Whitmore

Let me start this off by saying that I approach everything with an open mind. I know you don’t believe that because I’m not a fan of fat or ugly people, but when it comes to music and experiences, I’m always down to try something new. So when I got passes to see Avicii (THE MOST GENERIC DJ EVER, MORE ON THAT LATER) I said sure, of course I’ll go.

I’ll admit that I’m relatively new to the EDM scene and I love the people. I swear,  I’ve never met a group of people as fun and open to new experiences as them, so please, all of you Avicii fans, don’t be offended (or actually be offended, I don’t care, you didn’t have to sit there through his half assed set). Not to mention, I’m not Willy Wonka or an M&M,  and I’m not here to sugarcoat things. You need to hear this straight from an objective source:

Avicii’s set at Radio City Music Hall sucked.

Now, I don’t think it was entirely his fault. You know that family member who’s house your mother makes you go to for fancy family functions? The one that has her couches covered with plastic and you cant touch anything because it’s made of fancy china? That’s what it was like being at an EDM show at Radio City.In this storied hall that hosts world class shows such as the Rockettes, they decided to have Tim Berg emerge out of a giant glowing head. I’m not going to pretend that I stayed the entire show so my review is for the ¾ of the show I was able to tolerate sober.  The event was so bad that even the bar on the mezzanine level, where I was sitting, decided to close because there were such few people.

With the show slated to open at 8PM and I guess the openers [Editor’s Note: Cazzette opened) for Tim (yes, I refuse to call him Avicii), must really need the  press and publicity to put their own credibility on the line.  When I got there I heard the opener put on a great show for the few people who showed up on time.  I arrived at 9 just as Tim was about to go on.

I want to point out that, I NYDoorman, HAVE NOTHING AGAINST TIM BERGLING.

I respect anyone who can lure people into being their fans like he has, and until I heard “Levels” for the billionth time, I kinda liked it. It’s amazing that he can have such a huge fan base by putting out genuinely good remixes and stuff only to then disappoint fans in person. You make the crowd think they get a special set when all they get is generic garbage.  Everyone told me that despite his or her feelings towards him (apparently I’m not the only one who doesn’t like him! shocking I know) he puts on a great show, and I will give him that. The giant head with all the lasers was cool, and the sound was pretty legit.  Of course I’m comparing this to my recent jaunt to Size In The Park where the volume was limited due to the city and due to the outside venue the acoustics weren’t as good.

However, with that said, the music he played could have been coming out of Macaulay Culkin’s iPod at Poisson Rouge.

It was so unbelievably generic and bland that even some of my hardcore EDM friends left the show before I did (and THEY had better seats than I did). I tried to stomach as much as I could without blacking out, which became impossible once the bar closed, but it came to the point that I had to leave. People were awkwardly dancing in their seats and it was evident that the only people having a good time were those who were on a date with Molly.

I genuinely felt bad for those who had bought tickets to the show, because I know EDM fans care more about the music than the party; which is something that I respect them for so much because its something that I really have never seen before, and I felt like he let everyone down with this performance.

When I finally got home, I found out that his PR team had moved almost all, if not all, the press from Thursday to Wednesday.  By moving the press to Wednesday, they would benefit from the added exposure and sell the remaining tickets.  While there was only one show originally planned, a second show (the first Wednesday show) was added when they had allegedly sold out weeks in advance.  We now know that this was not the case.  I feel like they blatantly lied to the Wednesday’s fans in order to pump up Thursday’s show, which I think is beyond disrespectful.  Although from what I heard, the show on Thursday was filled to the brim and amazing, it’s a shame that the people who went Wednesday were deemed expendable.  Those people deserved a good show and a packed house, but instead were treated to a dress rehearsal.  Those people deserved a good show and a packed house, but they (and I), did not get it.

The general consensus of people that I talked to one the way out was that Tim needed to stop touring and focus on making more music.  He clearly has talent (he wouldn’t be at Radio City if he didn’t), but he needs to get back to his roots.  Take a step back from the spotlight, and work on churning out good music before he erodes his fan base to the point where its only people who know him because of something that’s on z100.