The beginning of the new year will see one of Viper Recordings’ longest standing and most hyped stars, Australian bass sensation ShockOne drop his debut album ‘Universus’. With the first two smash singles from the album ‘Crucify Me’ and ‘Relapse’ released over the past year, ‘Chaos Theory’ presents the latest glimpse into what is sure to be a benchmark release for Both viper and ShockOne.

Already a huge star in Australia – where he is without doubt the biggest homegrown DnB star since Pendulum, ShockOne’s fame has spread worldwide as his long standing relationship with Viper, alongside remixes for artist such as Netsky, Brookes Brothers and Stanton Warriors have seen him grow into one of the most sought after DJ’s, remixers and producers in the bass music movement. ‘Chaos Theory’ is the latest in a long line of bass wielding slammers which give a representation of ShockOne. The music speaks for itself.