“Dance music is such a fickle industry that it is true to say that many so-called artists operating within this sphere are people who have created a record on a whim, and through a combination of luck and timing, experienced the typical ascent. A string of DJ gigs they are ill-prepared for, the overnight change into emperor’s new whatever, the usual substance-abuse swiftly becoming a habit. Unfortunately it is these self-promoting types who tend to break through more often than not. All of this bullshit detracts from the artists that are sometimes right underneath our own noses. The artists that have far more respect, understanding and genuine love for their craft. Mat Playford is one such artist.” (Resident Advisor bio)

A name you may not be familiar with, this 20+ year veteran and musical mastermind has gone mostly overlooked, while remaining an inspiration to his peers. Sharing studio time with Names like Photek, Sandy Rivera and Angel Moraes, you know he must have picked up a thing or two. A producer’s producer, Mat earned his cred studying production at Leeds College of Music and eventually lectured there as well. As an analogue synthesis enthusiast, Playford has always found innovative ways to incorporate live aspects to his DJ sets, most recently developing this hybrid Moog Synth DJ setup that is light and durable enough to take on the road.

Future Music Magazine caught up with Mat before his set at ‘We Love Space’ in Ibiza last year. The short video below goes over his live setup in minor detail, then cuts to a short sit down with Mat where he nerds out about his next projects. If you’re a gear head you’ve gotta check this out.

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