DJ TechTools are reporting that they spotted a photo of what could be the new Pioneer CDJ-2000 Nexus (due out September 6). The linked Korean page where the image originated from even has the supposed model number: CDJ-2000NXS. DJTT’s first observations are:

  • Five source buttons instead of the normal four – this likely will be Pioneer’s new wireless Rekordbox loading system
  • Two silver buttons above of the pitch slider – we’ve heard in the past unsubstantiated rumors of Pioneer developing Sync – could this be it?

In addition, these were DJTT forum user wampaone’s initial thoughts:

I notice more than that my friend!!! notice the 2 buttons above and below the loop in and out… one of them you can clearly see slip (bottom button below loop). Also notice the Rekordbox icon at the very top where the media selection, now 5 rather than 4 buttons (link, sd, usb, and cd) is located. There is also more text located above the INFO tab and the top right where the standby lock unlock portion is… so from the video that was released… im still not seeing the mas*** button… so like i guessed, there is going to be another device as well that will soon be released… other than the cdj-2000 and 900 Nexus models and whatever mixer probly the djm 2000 that will be getting an update

And finally, another DJTT forum user found an Italian website with these details on onthe new Pioneer CDJ-2000 Nexus:

This Pioneer CDJ-2000 NXS/Pioneer CDJ-2000 MK2 has got some new features such as:
– BEATSYNC Feature (as seen on Pioneer XDJ-Aero)
– Loop Chopping/Slicing via ‘LOOP MODE’
– Zoomable waveforms
– SLIP Mode
– An even better Rekordbox integration
– Advanced hot-cue’s
– Renewed, better quantize function (in combination with the beatsync)
– Rekordbox mobile app integration (as seen on Pioneer XDJ-Aero)
– Multicolored waveform display

Check out this video from Pioneer highlighting what some prominent DJs think of the new hardware: