Leading innovator in DJ technology, Pioneer, announced their newest product to their digital DJ controller lineup yesterday. The awkwardly named DDJ-WeGO isn’t going to revolutionize the digital DJ world, but it does have some innovative features.

Until I’ve put my hands on one I can only speculate, but it seems like the object of Pioneer’s new controller is to increase ease of use for the DJ by providing visual cues representing timing, cue points and FX. The controller is designed to be used with Pioneer’s Virtual DJ software, but is compatible with Traktor and Sorato as far as I can tell. No word on a price range for these baby’s so far, but make sure to check back because I will be doing a full review as soon as they hit the shelves at my local music store.

For now the jury is still out. The specs look solid, but is the DDJ-WeGO the next step in the evolution of digital DJ technology, or just another plastic toy with a fancy light show? Check out the intro video and let me know what you think.

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