Editor’s Note:  This is a response to another website’s efforts to expose the EDMSnob’s identity

Yesterday EDM Insider posted an article that exposes the infamous EDM Snob as Miami promoter Biz Martinez. The Insider does not claim credit for the article, rather they say it was emailed to them, quite possibly to avoid a libel suit because it contains little solid evidence and an abusive tone and some serious accusations that could potentially cost Biz his job. For me the article raised more questions than it answered, and I’m not sure if the Insider understands the gravity of their decision to publish it. The first thing I though after reading the article was “why does it even matter?”

I am nowhere near an authority on this issue, but I have met Biz Martinez and he seemed to be a completely down to earth dude.  Not at all like the persona put off by The Snob or mentioned in the article.  I’m not saying the author of this article is wrong, just that to me Biz Martinez doesn’t fit the bill. He is an event promoter who works for MMG and though it makes sense that he could have the same industry connections as The Snob, it doesn’t make sense why he would turn against the people who made him his money.  And if he did, then more power to him.

The thing about The Snob is that his rants about the EDM scene are spot on more often than not, and I truly feel that someone needed to say some of the things he has said.  He deserves credit for the points he raises. I have deep respect for anyone who will stand up for what they believe in at the cost of going against the trends set by their peers and doing something that has never been done before.  The author of the aforementioned article asks The Snob to “…step away and let someone else do the job correctly that can be trusted and is not trying to make a name for himself off exaggeration…”  Who is going to do the job? And how does the snob have anything to gain off of the waves he created?   Biz Martinez has already made a name for himself while the snob remained nameless.  There aren’t even any ads on edmsnob.com, so I don’t understand what he could be trying to make besides a more informed EDM community.  In his email to Pasquale Rotella, The Snob clearly states his goal: “… we should be careful to embrace what makes EDM special as it gains more listeners”.

To me, The Snob has been a refreshing voice in the EDM blogosphere whose seat was waiting to be filled for a long time.  He says things that myself, and I’m sure a lot of other heads only think.  Find me another blog that posts negative reviews or stands up against the ever encroaching aspects resulting from commercializing our beloved scene.  I believe the scene needs an insider who will keep the community informed by exposing the fraud they see inside the industry.  In my opinion, the service provided by The Snob should inspire readers to stand up for the community we created and keep the corporate entities who seek to control it in check.  EDM’s commercialization is obviously unstoppable at this point, but I don’t see anyone out there other than The Snob trying to help fans realize that we have a voice, and the industry must listen to us.

Honestly, I don’t care who The Snob is, as long as someone inside the industry believes in cherishing EDM’s essence, and has the balls to keep exposing the aspects they believe are wrong.  The commercial entities seeking to control the EDM Industry need a voice to fear. They need to know that we are watching, and that we don’t take any bullshit. Furthermore, since The Snob arguably does not have anything to gain from the service he provides, we should probably consider what the author of that article has to gain from exposing him.